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   How many Items do I have to order?  We are working to make embroidery or printing affordable to the smaller businessperson.  We can do as little as 6 and still give you a good price.

   Do I need artwork?  The better/clearer the art work you have the easier it will be to get your order going and the better the price we will be able to offer you.

   What should you save your art as? Art files or.jpeg are the best.

   Can you e-mail your art?  Yes.  Use the email link.  Add a note of what you want along with a way of contacting you.

   What if Mike thinks your art wouldn`t embroider well? He will tell you if there are better ways of doing things.  With 25+ years doing embroidery, Mike has learned how some things work better than others. 

   Do you charge a set-up fee?  We are offering a no set-up fee coupon - a $50.00 value, just say you saw our website.

   How long before you see your finished order?  Depending how many items you want 2-3 weeks is an average time frame. We do have some in store ready to go items. We can work with most requests.

   Can we use embroidered or printed items for fundraisers?  Yes. We will work with you, to make it as easy as possible.  

Call Us if you have any questions. 262-767-2888